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No, it’s not real. It’s a concept table by designer John Nouanesing.
I’m not sure if I like it. Well, make a black one and I will tell you the answer.

[Link: John Nouanesing]
[Via: BoeingBoeing]

When it comes to UNIX shell-scripting I need all the help I can get.  It’s hard trying to do something new because getting to the right info requires reading many manual pages.  Here are commands I learned to find the latest version of a file that has a timestamp in its filename.  Suppose the files are




and they’re in a directory with many other files, and you want to find the myFile with latest time, then issue this command in the directory of myFile:

ls -l | awk '/myFile/ {print $NF}' | tail -n 1

Ok, so what does this do?

“ls -l” prints the files in the current directory, one file per line, in ascending sorted order.  This output is passed to awk, which evaluates each line, searching for the pattern myFile, and for each line with myFile, it separates the words by whitespace, and prints the last field, which is the filename.  The list of such filenames is then passed to tail -n 1, which simply prints the last file in the list.  The result should be what we want.  Of course, if there are other files such as myFileABC, then this command won’t work.  We’ll need a more specific regular expression pattern in the awk command.

Can anyone do it simpler?  Please share.  Thanks.

In a UNIX shell terminal, a prompt indicates the shell is ready for a command. An example:


PS1 is the environment variable that determines what the prompt is.  Change it to change the prompt.

For example: PS1=${PWD}> ‘ will set the prompt to display “current_directory> “.  Pay attention to the single quotes.  Using double quotes may have a different effect.

To keep your new prompt each time you log in, set PS1 in your .profile file in your home directory.

Play around.  Different shells require different symbols.  Here are some more examples.

In bash, I use: PS1=’\[\e]0;\w\a\]\n\[\e[32m\]\u@\h\[\e[0m\]\n\$ ‘

In ksh, I use: PS1=’${HOSTNAME?}:${PWD?}’`echo “\n> “‘

Tell me what you are using.

We found an Eve dock icon for Adium one month before Wall·E was out, and we all loved it.
Here is a screenshot:

Download it here.
We made a custom version with original icons from the author Maximilian Larsson, now EVE fires when you get a new message!

Sorry this one is NFR, but if you have some rudimentary image editor, here’s how you can do it yourself on a Mac (sorry Windows folks).

Step I. Download the EVE icon set from Maximilian Larsson’s site, using the link above. If you have CandyBar, download the CandyBar version, then export the icons you need from CandyBar to 512×512 png and skip to Step II. Don’t have CandyBar? Dont worry, go to Step I.1

Step I. 1. so you download the zip version instead, how to get the icons in png format? Easy, open the zip, you’ll see a bunch of folders with EVE icons applied, select the folder, copy (cmd+c), open Preview, go to file menu > New From Clipboard. Boom! you get the icons in preview, now just save the 512 version as png. Repeat this for all the icons you want.

Step II. Now you have the icons in glorious 512×512 png, take a moment to appreciate the beauty before your eyes. You need to crop them to make it look right on the dock, so fire up any image editor with crop support. (Personally I use Pixelmator) Cut off the excess white space so that the EVE fits comfortably in a 435×435 square, you’ll have her head almost touching the top of the cropped image. Repeat for each icon.

Step III. Let’s make a custom Dock icon set for Adium, the easiest way to start is to make a copy of the original EVE icon for Adium (you did download it right?). Go to your home folder/Library/Application Support/Adium 2.0/Dock Icons/, make a copy of EVE.AdiumIcon.

Rename the copy to whatever you want, right click on it, and select Show Package Contents, now delete all the old icons except sleeping.png, copy all your new pngs in (don’t replace sleeping). 

Step IV. Open the file IconPack.plist and start editing away! But just to get you started, here’s mine iconpack

Step V. Launch Adium and enjoy!

Hellboy IIFrom the depths of Hollywood hell, comes this un-adoring sequel of our beloved horn-shaving, big red, devil tail, superstar HellBoy.  The look of the film has director Guillermo del Toro’s touch, but the story telling lacks his magic.  The story-line was bloated.  The dialog was dumb.  The characters were boring.  Yes, Big Red felt like he should have been in bed and on not on the set.  And that sums up the movie, things didn’t feel right.

As an action movie, HellBoy 2 is hampered and weighed down by fake character development scenes. It’s this mix-mash of poorly done sub-plots that makes the movie silly, dumb, and boring.

Liz, the fire-girl, is having relationship problems over living with HellBoy.  The issue: trivial woman stuff that’s glossed over with key-phrases like “more space”, and “you don’t get it”.  Of course, we never really get it because it’s never really revealed.  That’s silly.  The problem here is fake conflict for more drama.  Later on, Liz finds out she’s pregnant.  Oh brother! is the HellBoy franchize really going there?

Meanwhile, HellBoy wants to be loved by the humans he not-so-secretly lives among.  But after rescuing a baby from a giant, green, elemental bean-stalk thingy, the crowd of New Yorkers boo him.  They shout that it’s his fault or something or other.  But wait, when did this anti-HellBoy sentiment started?  And didn’t they see him save the baby? That’s dumb.

And Abe has more of a role, too.  The main plot unfolds as follows:  An elven princess runs from her evil twin brother, keeping away the third piece of the golden crown which when made whole will give the wearer of noble blood absolute rule over the indestructible Golden Army.  Wouldn’t you know it, Abe falls in love with the princess. Ahh. And an un-romantic affair follows. That’s boring.

HellBoy 2 was too much of a mix of unrelated smaller stories.  Scenes felt fake and didn’t tie together nicely.  The visuals are certainly the better part: the creatures are bizarre, the costumes lovely, the lighting gorgeous, and the fighting decent.

Contrary to the rating on RottenTomatoes, which gave HellBoy 2 88%, I’ll give it 73%, the standard percentage of an equivalent letter grade B after a curve.  The pretty colors moved me up.

[Download Link: 20MB]

“Where is my love” by Cat Power. Cat power is known for her minimalist style, sparse guitar and piano playing, and ethereal vocals. The video is made by talented director Josh & Xander. Shot in high speed video camera and being played in slow motion, this video has an unique and subtle feeling.
Lyrics of the song:

Where is my love
Where is my love
Horses galloping
Bring him to me

Where is my love
Where is my love
Horses running free
Carrying you and me
Where is my love
Where is my love
Safe and warm
So close to me
In my arms

There is my love
There is my love
Horses galloping
Bringing him to me

Where is my love
Where is your love

Director Josh & Xander may not sound familiar to you, but you have probably seen their amazing art piece before. The “Factory” ad made for Apple in 2006 was one of their fine works. The ad is about Apple moving to intel x86 platform from IBM PowerPC platform. It’s at that critical moment, Apple married Intel. The ad is here, in case you are interested:

[ Javascript required to view QuickTime movie, please turn it on and refresh this page ]

[Download link:4MB]

[Link: Circleprod]

Wall·ESo here comes my first(long-waited?) attempt at writing a movie review. Somehow I think I manage to fail before I even started.

And to make things worse, aside from this ridiculous title, I will avoid using a few words that have been widely popular among the reviews of this movie. “Cute”, “adorable”, “beautiful”, “touching”, “best”, “perfect”, “amazing” and “great” are the ones in my list.

Don’t get me wrong though, avoid using these words doesn’t mean I disagree with any of them or I hated this movie. In fact, I like this movie too much that I have to ask myself to justify my reasons of adoring it. This is, however, not exclusive to this movie.
First off, I do not think this movie is a Sci-Fi movie(2001: A Space Odyssey for example) like many believe so. It seems like there’s an unwritten rule that if you put “700 years later”, “robots” and “galaxy” together in a movie or a novel, it is then automatically labeled as “Sci-Fi”. Aside from Wall·E and Eve, the robots in this movie are actually what we are living with today. For example, MO is very similiar to the iRobot available in your supermarket. What makes Wall·E and Eve stand out from all the robots is the personalities they possess. But I take that part as magic, not Sci-Fi. “Wall·E is”, said the director Andrew Stanton, “nerdy romantic”. I wholeheartedly agree, it is more of romantic than Sci-Fi, or rather, a romantic story disguised as Sci-Fi.

This categorization matters and maybe matters to me alone, since I’m trying to justify the reasons of my fondness. I’ve read through several “rotten” reviews on RottenTomatoes to see if they can pull me back to normal. Unfortunately(or fortunately?), they all failed more or less.
The critic who failed miserably is Brian Orndorf of He wrote:
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The Dark Knight Poster
[High Resolution Download(4.5MB): Link]
The Dark Knight is probably my most anticipated movie of the year. Director Christopher Nolan is a talented director who directed not only some of the most artistically beautiful films, but also some of the current witty ones; Memento and The Prestige are just two of the examples.
With the success of Batman Begins, Chris’ coming film The Dark Knight certainly gained the most hype among movie-goers like me. I particularly like the posters from this coming movie. Those posters are what I think movie posters should be like. They succeeded at being three things at once: aesthetically, an enthralling image that captures your eyes; all share a consistent dark tune with taglines from the Joker. I can’t help but think this Joker does look promising just from the look the the poster; most rarely, they are witty and even inspiring . You can certainly tell by looking at some of them.
These posters are designed by the famous BLT & Associates, a company that specializes in film poster designs.
More posters after the break.
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