This 47$ stand is built for iPod touch. And no, from the look of it I don’t think the iPhone would fit since it’s a little longer than the Touch. It will be available on June 7th.
I can’t resist buying one and put it next to the iMac..oh wait, I don’t have an iPod Touch. Nevermind then. Now if only the real iMac can rotate like that.

From the manufacture’s website:

Material Aluminum, resin
Dimensions (Using the next screen) W115mm × H100mm × D45mm
(When using a vertical screen) W67mm × H125mm × D45mm
IPod compatible iPod touch (8/16/32GB)
Weight Approximately 55 g (iPod touch-body)
Accessories Dedicated headphone extension cable (mini-stereo)
JAN 4560144686301

More pics:

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