It’s amazing how elastic the human brain turns out to be.”

DEKA Research founder Dean Kamen

The kind of cybernetic arm we often envisioned in science fiction films have now gone closer to becoming a reality. Inventor Dean Kamen and his team of engineers have recently unveiled their latest project, a robotic arm that is light years ahead of the prosthetics used by amputees today. The arm, code named “Gen X – Separate Exo Control” can perform delicate actions such as picking up a wire or a grape, it even sports the possibility of performing fine motor movements such as writing.

*Note: Dean Kamen is an American entrepreneur and inventor better known for his invention of the Segway PT, his other notable inventions include the projects involving Stirling engines, the AutoSyringe as well as the iBot Mobility System.

For more on Mr. Kamen, you can visit his company website at

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