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Papa John Pizza

Instead of delivering coupons like other pizza makers, Papa John’s has taken an interesting approach to direct marketing with its deceiving faux delivery boy & pizza appearing at your doorstep. Seems like this idea was stolen from the movie The Fifth Element. Don’t bother looking for it though, it’s not worth it.

Something that’s worth noticing though:

Just waiting for the story:

Papa John’s sued for covering up security devices.

Aaron Aardvark, 72, has just sued Papa John’s Pizza for covering up his security peephole. Aaron was hospitalised by two thugs last week, after they rang his doorbell – when he checked to see who it was, he thought it was someone who’d got the wrong address for pizza’ because PJ’s had covered his viewer with a little picture.

Aaron is still in hospital, but his lawyer, Phil ‘PheeShare’ Phillips, or Sue, Grabbit and Run, explained that he was using the famous Pizza chain for $3.5 million.

[Via: The Fire Wire]

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