CB I hate perfume

We don’t like perfume. And even if we secretly do, admitting it is just as tough as telling your parents that you’ve been a homosexual for the last decade. Then here comes this “I hate perfume”(yes it’s the brand’s name), by which you can make your own perfume by mixing basic scents.
It turned out that the creator of “I Hate Perfume” has also worked for Kiehl’s, which happen to be my favorite cosmetic brand. The interesting bit is how he came up with this idea. Here’s a quote:

I worked at a great many odd jobs during the 80’s but driving a cab was perhaps the oddest. People are generally shocked when they find I did this. Still I drove for a brief period and this was when I discovered that I Hated Perfume. Women would get into my car in the evening wearing some horrible scent that made me sick. 12 hours later in the cold freezing dawn, my eyes would still be watering & my stomach churning..

Indeed, that’s perhaps the reason most of the guys hate perfume– too many women who wear perfume have no taste at picking scents.

Now you have a chance to mix your own perfume. Sounds like a fun thing to do even for me.

[Link:CB I Hate Perfume]

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