The Dark Knight Poster
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The Dark Knight is probably my most anticipated movie of the year. Director Christopher Nolan is a talented director who directed not only some of the most artistically beautiful films, but also some of the current witty ones; Memento and The Prestige are just two of the examples.
With the success of Batman Begins, Chris’ coming film The Dark Knight certainly gained the most hype among movie-goers like me. I particularly like the posters from this coming movie. Those posters are what I think movie posters should be like. They succeeded at being three things at once: aesthetically, an enthralling image that captures your eyes; all share a consistent dark tune with taglines from the Joker. I can’t help but think this Joker does look promising just from the look the the poster; most rarely, they are witty and even inspiring . You can certainly tell by looking at some of them.
These posters are designed by the famous BLT & Associates, a company that specializes in film poster designs.
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The Dark Knight Poster
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This one is simple yet striking, dark and also effective. One of my favorite posters of all time.
The Dark Knight Poster
Smile never looked so evil.
The Dark Knight Poster
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Interesting logo.
The Dark Knight Poster
This one is interesting only because all three main characters in this poster have only half of the face showing, with the other half covered by their signature logo. This, perhaps, reflects the complex personalities of these three characters, i.e. non-materialism criminal(Joker)/double identities(Batman)/two-face(Harvey Dent).
Update: A new set of highlighted movie posters have emerged. Interesting as well.

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