Just found this app BibleXpress. $29.9(while online Bibles are mostly free and other Bible apps are selling for
$2.99 or so) to replace your Bible. Imagine a church of people reading their iPhones in Sunday morning. Update:as one commenter kindly pointed out my poor choice of the title, I changed it from “Retarded app of the day” to “Greediest iPhone app”. My thanks to HShore for pointing out my mistake. Indeed, that was not my intention.
Update 2: It seemed that this app has to pay 80% royalties to all the copyrighted versions of Bible it’s got and going to get. Not greedy then, my bad. But it’s still kind of weird, why do you need 10 version of Bibles? For people who need multiple versions but not all of them at once, a separated purchase of each version seems to be a better choice, that’s just my two cents. I do find a new award winner though, PocketLight KJV version Bible(public domain) for $9.99.
→BibleXpress Link| →Greedy app Link

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