We found an Eve dock icon for Adium one month before Wall·E was out, and we all loved it.
Here is a screenshot:

Download it here.
We made a custom version with original icons from the author Maximilian Larsson, now EVE fires when you get a new message!

Sorry this one is NFR, but if you have some rudimentary image editor, here’s how you can do it yourself on a Mac (sorry Windows folks).

Step I. Download the EVE icon set from Maximilian Larsson’s site, using the link above. If you have CandyBar, download the CandyBar version, then export the icons you need from CandyBar to 512×512 png and skip to Step II. Don’t have CandyBar? Dont worry, go to Step I.1

Step I. 1. so you download the zip version instead, how to get the icons in png format? Easy, open the zip, you’ll see a bunch of folders with EVE icons applied, select the folder, copy (cmd+c), open Preview, go to file menu > New From Clipboard. Boom! you get the icons in preview, now just save the 512 version as png. Repeat this for all the icons you want.

Step II. Now you have the icons in glorious 512×512 png, take a moment to appreciate the beauty before your eyes. You need to crop them to make it look right on the dock, so fire up any image editor with crop support. (Personally I use Pixelmator) Cut off the excess white space so that the EVE fits comfortably in a 435×435 square, you’ll have her head almost touching the top of the cropped image. Repeat for each icon.

Step III. Let’s make a custom Dock icon set for Adium, the easiest way to start is to make a copy of the original EVE icon for Adium (you did download it right?). Go to your home folder/Library/Application Support/Adium 2.0/Dock Icons/, make a copy of EVE.AdiumIcon.

Rename the copy to whatever you want, right click on it, and select Show Package Contents, now delete all the old icons except sleeping.png, copy all your new pngs in (don’t replace sleeping). 

Step IV. Open the file IconPack.plist and start editing away! But just to get you started, here’s mine iconpack

Step V. Launch Adium and enjoy!

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