Long time fan of this. It’s recommended to any iPod classic(the order versions too) users. It does literally everything. And yes, that includes playing Doom on your iPod. →Link
Remember the Yacht “A”? Now here is a more detailed look at it. For some reason I wish it can fly. →Link
“The new version of Adobe’s flagship software product takes its first steps in using the graphics processing unit, or GPU, said John Nack, principal product manager for Adobe Photoshop. For example, the graphics chip helps Photoshop CS4 fluidly zoom in and out, rotate the canvas so artists can reorient an image for the best sketching angle, display and manipulate 3D objects, and handle color correction.” That’s THE photoshop we were waiting for. →Link
No, I liked those ads, I think they are great. But Appleinsider is reporting that they are created using Macs. Perhaps they got it wrong. It’s the advertisement studio who are using Macs, not Microsoft. Or tell me if I’m wrong. →Link
“One new Microsoft commercial even begins with a company engineer who resembles John Hodgman, the comedian portraying the loser PC character in the Apple campaign. “Hello, I’m a PC,” the engineer says, echoing Mr. Hodgman’s recurring line, “and I’ve been made into a stereotype.”” For some reason this just sounds like an extreme poor idea to me. It will eventually draw more attention for Apple.→Link
Next time when you travel, be sure to check if those apps for your iPhone. →Link
The aluminum ones look great on iMac, black ones look amzing on black MacBook. →Link
Quite long, but he got some points. →Link
3 new models. →Link
With screenshots. →Link
“It’s an 8-litre, supercharged V8 with 7000bhp that uses about 65 gallons of fuel a minute” “This isn’t an engine. It’s a bomb” →Link
No spec yet. →Link
I’m still here. You? →Link
I noticed so. Thought I was being delusional. But surprisingly a lot other people noticed as well. →Link
A comprehensive article on virtualizaion. →Link
Guide on “turning our iPhones into wireless modems with the $10 NetShare application” →Link
Easy to follow guide for your first iPhone app. →Link
I adore it. →Link
Too many times I’ve read about the LHC(Large Hadron Collider) in science fictions. It still strikes me as one of the most brilliant thing man has done. “The Large Hadron Collider (LHC), a 27 kilometer (17 mile) long particle accelerator straddling the border of Switzerland and France, is nearly set to begin its first particle beam tests. ” →Link
“For Apple, it matters most that they patch the client libraries since there are so few OSX recursive servers in use. The bottom line is that despite this update, it appears that the client libraries still aren’t patched.” [Via: TUAW] →Link

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