“That would be the perfect pumpkin, if only it had firewire.” →Link
Hilarious. →Link
Quite long, but he got some points. →Link
The short film appeared before Wall·E. →Link
Hilarious stuff. [Via RealDanLyons] →Link
Funny video by CollegeHumor. →Link
No, not really. →Link
Top Gear has set up a flickr group called Top Gear Pointless Signs. Click on the link to join. My personal favorite is the “Attention Dogs”, reminds me the good days in Vancouver. →Link
By an iPhone liner. →Link
Original story here. Someone made it better. →Link
“Apple Cancels All iPhone 3G Orders, Releases iBrick 3G”. →Link
I don’t think it’s Photoshopped. Gimp‘ed maybe. →Link
See the photo for yourself. →Photo

Just heard this from a speech.

If you have a foot on the past, a foot on the future, and then you are pissing on today.

Myspace is called Facebook now  

This is an ad appeared on this site. A proof that Myspace has always wanted to be Facebook, serectly.

 Update:There’s more funny AdWords here, here and here.

P.S. The winner is “Sell your kids on eBay” from eBay. It seems that you can also buy a “new grandma”, “love” and even a “new brain” from there. Running out of money? No worries, eBay says you can “Sell your soul on eBay”.

Pure genius.